Drones have revolutionised the way aerial imagery is captured.

We capture evocative pictures to connect with target audiences. Aerial Imagery entices audience attention to a stunning perspective of subjects, allowing us to present images in a way that were previously unobtainable.

Drone’s are relatively small, very stable and extremely nimble. Because of this Aerial imagery can now be captured in locations that Helicopters are simply too large to access. The detailed and extensive planning that Topdrone conducts prior to flight operations, means that we are able to obtain footage at a moments notice and provide a close up and personal service while doing so.

We collect Aerial Photography to be used in a number of applications including:

Real Estate

Whether you are a high end estate agent, a property developer or private seller, we understand your needs when it comes to a potential sale.

The goal of our dedicated team is to understand your marketing needs and capture the very essence of the property. Whether this is the angle of the sunlight, the glorious views from the master bedroom or appreciating the scale of the grounds. We will capture every feature that will make it look as special on screen as it does in person.

Routine Progress Monitoring

We can capture high impact imagery throughout construction to create time-lapse videos to record the progress of projects.

(Party’s & Weddings)

Aerial filming offers an innovative way to record special events such as weddings, parties, corporate functions, competitions, and festivals, in a manner that you’ve never seen before.

Inspection & Survey

Drones are ideal for gathering data from hard to reach places. In some cases this may be more cost effective alternative to scaffolding or a cherry picker.

In cases of sensitive sites, drones are a less intrusive means of inspection and less likely to incur damage to ground and structures.

Data gathered can then be processed into an inspection report or using geo-tagged images and video imported into third-party software to create long-term monitoring.

Promotional & Marketing Material

This ones pretty self explanatory; we provide businesses with awesome material to set them apart and ahead of the competition.

Planning & Consultation

When consulting with local residents, planning agencies, developers or local councils, being able to convey a proposed development in the context of its environment is hugely beneficial.

Up to date and informative imagery can be produced to evidence key commitments to local authorities or planning agencies such as parks, roads, green spaces or tree protection orders.

Aerial Film

We’re great at collecting innovative high quality material and the imagery you're receiving will provide you with assets that are fantastic for modern marketing techniques; such as the use of Online and Social Media platforms.

We can capture great still images that produce that ‘wow’ factor from viewers; short videos teasing viewers of properties leading them to find out more, and also longer high quality showcase videos that are essentially a virtual walk round a property.